Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Birthday Parties, Antiques and Haircuts


So last Thursday was Tony's 33rd birthday. Being that is fell on a "work night", we decided that we weren't going to celebrate until the weekend. So Friday night, after having a lovely time at the my first Initials, Inc. party (hosted by Tony's cousin Shelley), the girls and I headed out to meet up with Tony and his buddy Chop who had retreated to the nearest watering hole while us ladies were busy socializing and buying purses. By the time we got there, the boys were busy playing darts, drinking beer and requesting obnoxious songs from the DJ to generally aggravate the rest of the local regulars. For a moment I thought that the night was going to take a nosedive since the rest of us were having a little bit of a hard time "catching up" to the men folk. Not to worry, a round of Red Headed Sluts later and we were on our way to a good time. There is nothing like the people watching that goes on in a small town bar, and the Holly Inn (technically named "Jay's Bar" after being acquired by new owners...but it'll always be the Holly Inn to me!) is no exception. Between the Michael Jackson sing along twins (yes, one of them lip synced and danced his way straight through Man In The Mirror), to the 70something year old man that was getting "handsy" with all the young gals on the dance floor, sheer hilarity ensued.

I have no idea what was happening in that last picture, other than my camera has a mind of it's own. Either that, or else Em suddenly grew a second set of arms.

My BFF in the whole world, Ms. Jamison. What are we in life without a partner in crime?

Like I said before, Tony and Chop had no problem having fun before us women folk showed up. It's pretty bad when I get to the bar and the DJ's screen says "Happy Birthday Buckshoot"... Buckshoot??? I won't tell you what I told him I thought that stood for. Buckshot has always been Tony's softball nickname (#00), I think someone got a little confused!

Notice anything different about my outfit now? (Besides the sweet hanger string sticking out?) Yeah...it got crazy.

Game Over. Look at Tony's face... he knows what's up...


So after a little bit of sleep, a big breakfast and a couple of showers, the four of us (Jami had to leave us to go to work) ventured downtown to the Annual Holly Antique Show. My Mom owns a store down there, so we stopped in to say hi, drink some warm cider and drop off some Bluegrass music from my personal collection. Yup, I said Bluegrass. We perused the antique show, us girls drooling over things we'd love in our homes that were just a little out of our price range. Someday, we said. We did manage to find a handful of treasures that put a smile on our faces and made us feel like we weren't total victims of debt. Here's what we got:

My first find was this fantastic lamp with an American Saddlebred on the base. For those of you that don't know, I've ridden and shown horses for the majority of my life. Unfortunately these days I don't get near as much change to do it as I used to, but I still enjoy collecting rare horse paraphernalia all the same. I was SO excited when I saw this lamp because it is pretty few and far between that you find household decor with a Saddlebred on it. The gal that was selling it originally had it priced at $35.00, but I talked her down to $25...what a deal!!! Here it is-

My next find was actually a gift from my darling Mother. I had fallen in love with this piece, but wasn't about to ask Tony for another $12 for something I was sure he would consider "junk". It's hard to tell by these pictures, but this is actually a light. It is the print with a box on the back with a light bulb in it. The light bulb looked a little old school and only lasted about 20 minutes after I plugged it in, so I need to replace that, but I just LOVE this. Mom got the lady to knock $2 off the price, so she got it for $10.

My third and final find of the day was actually from a garage sale going on down the street from the antique show. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it, even though I had no idea where I was going to put it! Emily and I almost had to arm wrestle over who was going to get it, but I'm the one that had $5 cash on me, so the arm wrestling was saved for another day...

Now on to the haircut. Our buddy Chop (Jason) has pretty much been rockin' the surfer do' since I've known him (about 3 years) and just recently added the blond bombshell look to complete the picture. Well, I don't think Emily was totally in love with all that blond hair, so Chop decided to "chop" it all off. Here's the before:

Fabio called...he wants his hair back Chop.

I guess my surrogate dog June (Chop & Em's dog) felt that Chop need to be cuddled DURING his haircut. Just look at the face! Then look at the aftermath that I had to sweep up!

All done!!! What a change. I don't think that it's better or worse, just different. I think I'm just used to it long. Em definitely liked it better though!

So that's all I've got for today. We've been working on some other house updates in preparation for the big Halloween bash coming up in a couple of weeks. More on that to come! If you're reading this and know us personally, look for your invitation in the mail shortly. If you don't get one, call or email me and I'll fill you in on the details. Anyone have any good recipes, decorating ideas, costumes or fun 'adult' games, please leave a comment or email me. I'm looking forward to it...it should be a good time!

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